Collage Detour


How many shades of yellow are there? No it is not a trick question. And what about blues? You see I got distracted from the 30-in-30 paintings this week. The initial idea was to test out some of the on-line classes and glean a few good teaching techniques. I have to admit I was a bit amazed at the variety and the quality. But it was one on color that got me into trouble this past week.

That very question about yellows is where it started. I found I didn’t own a primary yellow except in craft paint. And the only primary blue was in student grade. My head is hanging…almost to my toes.

To start with, I was happy no one had me pull out my color wheel. We made one. Well, several. And then several more collages. That’s when things began to get blurry—at about 5 or 6 collages. Yes, everything from analogous colors (which I admit I love) to developing contrast with hues and intensity.

I certainly picked an excellent online course to review. I felt at home with her teaching process and came away with several ideas for my own classes. It was also an excellent review of color and made me wonder why I don’t collage as much as I use to.

And then there’s the purchase. One online art supply store is very happy. And primary yellow and blue are among the paints I ordered. While I won’t bore you with my color wheels or the six collages I did, I will share two and try to get back on track.