No Destination

“Untitled,” 16″ x 20,” mixed media collage on deep panel

The week has just started and I am tired. To say it has been difficult to concentrate on art the last few weeks is well…an understatement. Illness, my own upper respiratory infection and my elderly mother’s increasing anxiety, has consumed me.

Finding myself the bad guy is not a new role, just one that comes and goes. And no matter how you feel at the moment, you really don’t want it to return. You want all hatchets buried, all peace pipes smoked. But usually, life doesn’t work that way even with the most optimistic outlooks. To keep my own head about me, I paint.

Lately, I have been working on paper, which doesn’t create my usual amount of texture. But it still allows quite a bit, just more visual than tactile. And because there is less preparation, I can work in the moment. Luckily, most of the layers also dry a bit more quickly as well.

This one, as yet untitled, is likely part of a new series. I feel myself moving a brush, a pencil over the paper as if it is a landscape I want to explore—even though there is no definite destination.

Do we need one? Can’t we just begin a journey and see what will happen, where we will go if we follow a line?




Remembering the Light

Remembering the Light, 8″ x 8″ acrylic painting with collage

I’ve always loved the light in winter coming through the trees. It is not soft like spring or sharp and pointed like summer. Once the leaves fall, it shows its golden glory. This Day 2 painting, Remembering the Light, (8” x 8”) is acrylic paint and collage (part of a simple monotype) on watercolor paper.

It was started yesterday (I always work on more than one painting at a time, usually four or five.) and completed this morning. And yes, I have several more starts to finish!