Move On

What we can’t live without is each other.

The best part of moving—a box fort.

Renovating and now moving has kept me away from writing and art for weeks. I’m getting cranky, so I must ask myself: Is there any creativity in moving? Probably not unless getting rid of 37 years of clutter frees my mind. I would say 14 since that’s how long we lived in our previous house, but until this move I think we had mostly gathered it all up and lugged it along behind us (We humans do love our possessions.).

This time we moved into a smaller space that we also renovated (Don’t try it unless you are under 40; you won’t like it.). We gave away or threw away at least a one-third of our “stuff” before we moved. Yet, here we are still going to Goodwill, Habitat, and the used book store (Will we just bring the books back? Even the same ones?).

In the studio, it meant dumping all the bits of paper and string, packing material, and rusted metal. After all, I will find these things easily as I need them. One container is all that I allowed myself. And not even the paintings were sacred unless I could paint over them. I donated a heavy matt cutter I haven’t used in years to a young art teacher. There isn’t even be room for all my tables, but we’re keeping those in the garage for family dinners.

On a recent visit with grandchildren my ex related a story about their backyard shed. The way he told the story it was full to the brim with “things.” Not very sturdy, a surprise, heavy snowstorm caused it to collapse. He and his wife finally decided not to even go through what was there but just to have it hauled away. He swears they never missed a thing.

If you are asking my advice, start early on keeping only what really matters. I know there’s the chance that you could wind up purchasing that same item two years from now, but it’s not likely and of course, it will be “different and improved.” Keep a few objects from childhood; keep a few precious items that belonged to your parents; and keep one or two objects from your children to pass to their children.

I found there is truly little that we can’t live without except each other.