When is a workshop…well not a workshop? Part

I just spent a week in Arizona working with Katherine Chang Liu, an internationally recognized artist and teacher. Katherine calls what she does mentoring, not a workshop, partly because she does not demonstrate techniques.

Katherine does not dwell on an artist’s deficiencies, instead she identifies each individual’s strengths and guides them by building upon these strengths to form their personal visual language. Her ability to discover the essence of each artist’s work was amazing. At least in my own personal case, it was positive reinforcement.

Although my work space was totally mine to organize and set up, I was fortunate enough to be near two incredible abstract artists, Nancy Dini, and Jackie Roliardi. Nancy was working with texture and Jackie with shapes. Observing the various artists and how they worked was an added benefit of the week. You can find Jackie’s work at https://jackieroliardiart.artspan.com/


Just Paint

“Spilling Over”
copyright 2014 Patricia Steele Raible

It’s been a week since I returned from a 8-day intensive workshop in Taos, New Mexico, with four wonderful artists and teachers: Fran Larsen, Katherine Chang Liu, Skip Lawrence, and Topher Schink. I still feel a little like I am in a time warp. I’m sure part of it is the concentration on art every day without life interfering. This was a workshop I contemplated for two years before finally saying yes, and I’m very glad I did. That said, how do I carry forth that momentum—beyond a week, a month or a year?

They advised and I concur that you do it by having a plan and doing your very best to stay with it. Painting every day makes a big difference in my work and in my temperament. Yes, sometimes life intervenes. We can’t help sickness, death, or even the occasional family crisis, but you can paint through all of it. My plan is a simple one: getting up an hour earlier every day gives me one more hour to paint. No computer, no phone, just paint.