Are Galleries Dead?

I seem to be stuck on galleries at the moment—physical galleries and those online.  Perhaps it is applying to too many shows. But then I stumble across an April article written by New York Magazine art critic Jerry Saltz who says “galleries are dead.” He contends that everything is going online and that openings are simply social. 


I wonder if that is true. If you are interested, here’s link to the article:


Criticizing Art

Strolling through Asheville’s galleries I began thinking about a recent comment by Seth Godin, a blogger, best-selling author, and entrepreneur. Godin says that before you criticize art, you should educate yourself: try to understand what is being attempted by the art form and the artist.

This is often difficult for me.  I admit that sometimes I just don’t get it, and in that vein, I spend a lot of time looking at contemporary art both in galleries and on the Internet. I hope that all artists do this. I have one question: do we really need one more fish flying off the wall?

Art Building Steam in America’s Classrooms

This is a really interesting article. I think that art should be integrated with other subjects to prove its value in thinking and reasoning.


An art blog for foodies

I’m not very good with computers and don’t spend a lot of time on blogs or lists of art competitions, but I do like the blog Art and Art Deadlines, Never Let Them See You Starve.  As the author explains it’s a food-themed art blog.  Perhaps that is why it is easier for me to read. Here’s the link: