My Heart’s Own Rhythm

“My Heart’s Own Rhythm”

I’ve been experimenting with different methods of applying paint, my favorites lately are cardboard and fingers. Obviously, I never got to go to kindergarten and by first grade they had us tracing letters.  But now I get to be messy.

Except for a little charcoal pencil, this painting was created entirely with fingers.


finger painting again

What We Find

“What We Find”

Sometimes I think most of my small pieces should be named “Trial” or “Error.” I use them quite a bit to try out colors or shapes or line. This small piece was created as I work on a much larger piece. It is my attempt to look beneath all of the layers and see what is there, what has meaning, what I can take away and enrich my life…and my larger painting.

“What We Find”

8” x 8”, mixed media on deep wood panel