Unfinished painting, 15″ x 36″

I debated whether to hurry and finish something on paper or to simply miss a day of the 30-in-30 painting challenge. But I hate hurrying, and I thought perhaps other artists might need permission (from themselves) to have an incomplete day or two. After all, the idea of this challenge is about the practice of painting every day. It does not mean that every piece is museum quality or that an artist won’t have a bad day and not finish a painting.

I knew I wouldn’t be in my studio on Day 5. You see I had the opportunity to see a friend of over 40 years, and yes, to me that was more important. If it was someone I could see on a regular basis, I might have postponed. But after a certain time in your life, you can’t postpone everything. Actually, perhaps you never should. There are certainly friends I didn’t visit in my 30’s that I will never see again.

So today, I give you a small, early sampling of what will be finished eventually. It still has my early charcoal sketching with some paint and bit of collage. The question is will you see any of that when it’s complete.

Every once in a while unfinished happens to everyone.


Unfinished, 15” x 36”

an incomplete painting on wood panel

NFS yet


Author: patricia906

I am a mixed media artist using surface design and texture to explore the patterns and associations in our world.

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