Safe Travels

My recently received delivery.

The photograph above shows the condition of a package I received recently. The delivery came under cover of darkness with no ringing of door bells or signing of forms. Perhaps you can guess why.

I was very disappointed and a bit nervous that the contents had been damaged or were missing. Surprisingly, they weren’t. But imagine if one of your collectors received a package that looked like this.

If you sell your work from a gallery, customer service may seem to be their responsibility, except for the time you spend with collectors. But I suggest you consider your position more carefully. Who are your customers? Certainly your collectors, but dare I say your galleries as well. This means taking the responsibility to package your artwork correctly and may mean more expense just to be sure. It will probably always mean reinforcing the corners, but it may also mean using heavier boxes and foam insulation or even wooden crates.

My recent experience demonstrates that we can’t count on a delivery service to handle our art with care no matter how well we label or insure it. Unfortunately, something as seemingly mundane as delivery packaging is as much a part of your presentation as the work itself. We are the ones who must show that we value our art by caring about its’ condition when it arrives. It may not be as much fun as making the art, but taking care to assure safe travel is part of our job.


Author: patricia906

I am a mixed media artist using surface design and texture to explore the patterns and associations in our world.

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