Art As Spiritual Practice

“Finding the Right Words”

I know some of you are rolling your eyes, but when I think about the amount of time I spend creating art or thinking about art, there is obviously a deeper calling for me than just the work itself. Otherwise, why do I not only produce artwork, but also work so hard on finding my audience through galleries, digital media, and alternative venues?

Rabbi Abraham Heschel was talking about religious music with this quote, but if I substitute “art”(my passion) for religious music, it rings true for me.  [Art]”…is an attempt to convey that which is within our reach, but beyond our grasp.” Clearly art is an opportunity for me to communicate something that is heartfelt, but slightly out of reach.

Heschel’s quote also made me realize the importance of music to many artists as we work.  Probably 80 percent of the artists I know listen to music as they work. They will also tell you that when they are really working, they are “in the moment―the flow.” The focus can shut out everything else.

It is why I never try to cook while I am painting.


Author: patricia906

I am a mixed media artist using surface design and texture to explore the patterns and associations in our world.

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