Change: A Difficult Path to Follow


Just when I’m comfortable with the techniques I am using and the art I am producing, I feel it happening. It starts with mild discontent, then moves to complete dissatisfaction (I imagine I also get grumpy.) I find myself painting and repainting, positioning and repositioning papers and fabrics, making marks, then starting the process all over again. Normally, I work on larger pieces by making a study on canvas. It is never exactly the same on the cradle and the gypsum responds differently to paint than gesso, but it usually makes the process a little easier.  Not now. It is called working and reworking, and reworking again.  It’s called change, but it’s never easy, and for someone who likes to be in control… Well, you get point.

In an article in Gulfshore Life, Florida artist Joe McAleer compared artistic change to a road trip.  “I’m on the back roads, trying to go west, not on the superhighway. Along the way, you make mistakes, wrong turns. You break down for a week or so. Then you see a shape, a color, you get an idea. You get back in your car and drive some more. Eventually, you get where you want to go.”

I hope so.


Author: patricia906

I am a mixed media artist using surface design and texture to explore the patterns and associations in our world.

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